The UN sustainable development goals

The UN sustainable development goals are a collection of 17 goals made by the United Nations. For instance, some of these goals are set to increase poverty, protect the planet or to achieve decent work and economic growth in the world.  

I find the goal number 4, quality education and number 7 affordable and clean energy, most interesting and important. However, all of them are extremely necessary for a better world. Still, I believe that making furthermore people educated, can help achieve the UN sustainable development goal 1, no poverty, which again can lead to goal 2, zero hunger. Education are also a necessity to end racism and war, since lack of knowledge about other cultures and politics, often are a consequence to several conflicts.  

The UN sustainable development goal 7 is very important to save our planet. The worlds use of energy are increasing, which means that we have to find alternative solutions. Not only are the non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels, bad for the environment, but it will not last forever. We have to start finding and develop other options, such as fuelless energy. I believe that this will give us a more predictable and clean future, both for the planet and the humanity.