Spotlight movie

In the story told by the film, what is the main conflict and how is it resolved?

Based on actual events, the movie adaptation follows journalists from the Boston Globe, within an investigate unit with the name “Spotlight”, as they reveal one of the biggest scandals of the twenty-first century, the cover up of systematic abuse of children by priests; and go up against one of the most powerful institutions in the world, the Catholic Church. By giving a voice and a platform for the victims, and by meticulously researching the story, the film provides a clear and strong argument for the continued court protection of one of the United States’ founding principles: freedom of the press.


Describe an aspect of the film that showed you something you hadn’t seen before, caused you to think in a new way, or helped you understand something more thoroughly than before. In addition, describe how it changed your thinking.

After watching the movie, I stated to wonder how far institutions will go to protect themselves, about who we listen to and protect, about who and what we ignore, about the power of disclosure and even conversation. The movie showed me that the institutions you may think of as safe and reliable, can turn up to me the opposite. Unfortunately, the system can easily be disturbed by, for instance, bribes and such things.

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