International day


I started the day with listening to a speech. The speech was hold by a woman who is an expert of the conflict between Palestine and Israel. She had an informative speech with her own stories and experiences with this conflict. I found her speech very interesting because she was very passionate about the topic. The fact that she told several of her own stories made the speech much more interesting for me.


Sooner I went to some of the classrooms to listen to some of the refugee’s stories. They told their story about how and why they left their home country, due to war or danger. I thought their stories were very powerful and interesting. It seems like they all have been very lucky, because they came to Norway and they all were, more or less, integrated in the Norwegian culture. One of them had a job as a teacher here in Norway, while another girl was studying at school. It made me feel happy listening to their stories of how they were able to get another life. At the same time, their stories of the condition in their home country made an impression on me.


To sum up, this day was an interesting and informative day. I am looking forward to next year and what the next OD – project will be.


Today we have seen the movie girl rising. It is a documentary about nine girls from all around the world, which struggle to get an education and achieve their dreams. They live in poor areas, often struggle to make money for such as food or a house.

The story that made the greatest impressions on me was Wadley’s story. She is a seven-year-old girl from Haiti. In the documentary we saw how she love attending school. She was a dedicated and bright student. Unfortunately, her mother could not afford school for Wadley any longer. Wadley had to help her mother at home, like washing clothes and cutlery or to get water. She had dreams about returning back to school and to be educated. One day she started to go back to the school, even though they did not have any money. The teacher ordered her to leave the school since they haven’t payed. Even thought she was not welcome at their school Wadley did not gave up and kept coming back every day. Finally, one day the teacher gave up and let Wadley stay at school to learn, although they had no money. Wadley got really happy, now she could finally start educating herself and stay in school.

“Impossible things seem possible” quote – Wadley.

Her story made such a great impression on me because of her vitality. Even though her conditions and circumstances were primitive and not good, she found a way to keep dreaming and always reach for her dreams. She was an extremally brave and bright girl who stood up for herself and her dreams. With these qualities she showed that a brave and strong girl can reach a long way in life.

I believe that the phrase “One girl with courage is a revolution”, imply that it is important that girls all around the world knows that they are worth living the same life as men. They can get educated, get a job and earn money themselves. That girls who have the courage to stand up for their rights can change the world, and get more girls educated. I believe that the girls of Girls Rising are role models for many girls.

It is difficult to understand exactly how difficult the circumstances are for these girls, especially for us who live in such a privileged country. Still, these girls show courage, possibility and boldness, which did not make me feel sorry for them. I rather become more impressed over how strong and powerful these young girls were, instead of thinking that that they had no future and felt sorry for them. I believe that this was a result of their ability to tell their story and stay positive and have the dream of changing the world for girls and themselves.

I think that the message of the film which will resonate most strongly with people who are not already familiar with this issue is the fact that they really want to attend school. And that their biggest dream is to get educated. The problem is that they can’t, either they don’t have the money, or they are not allowed. I also think that the documentary shows how important education is, both for girls and boys. I believe that to solve many of the worlds problem and to achieve gender equality, girls have to get the opportunity to get educated.

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Quality Education and Gender Equality

I believe that education is the key to a society that can move forward, handle conflicts and develop an efficient board and laws. Furthermore, racism is often a consequent of lack of knowledge, of a particularly religion or culture. If more people in the world got educated, I believe that we could avoid a lot of these issues.

Education is also important if we want to have gender equality. If a society only relay on traditions, where the woman is staying home and raising kids, they won´t learn that a society works best with gender equality. Where both men and woman can educate, work and vote. It is very important that girls also get educated and are allowed to vote, so we can hear both genders opinions in decisions we are taking in a society.

I would like to work with these goals by watching documentary about girls and education, and how education can effect a society.

The UN sustainable development goals

The UN sustainable development goals are a collection of 17 goals made by the United Nations. For instance, some of these goals are set to increase poverty, protect the planet or to achieve decent work and economic growth in the world.  

I find the goal number 4, quality education and number 7 affordable and clean energy, most interesting and important. However, all of them are extremely necessary for a better world. Still, I believe that making furthermore people educated, can help achieve the UN sustainable development goal 1, no poverty, which again can lead to goal 2, zero hunger. Education are also a necessity to end racism and war, since lack of knowledge about other cultures and politics, often are a consequence to several conflicts.  

The UN sustainable development goal 7 is very important to save our planet. The worlds use of energy are increasing, which means that we have to find alternative solutions. Not only are the non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels, bad for the environment, but it will not last forever. We have to start finding and develop other options, such as fuelless energy. I believe that this will give us a more predictable and clean future, both for the planet and the humanity.